The presidential search committee fails to ‘prioritize’ diversity. Expand it.

IU President Michael McRobbie is stepping down in June, allowing for a wave of new leadership and change to come to our beloved campus. However, the search committee tasked with finding a new university president is 75% white. The 18-member committee, made up of nine men and nine women, is disproportionately white when compared to the student body. Across all IU campuses, 66% of students are white. Because of this, the search for a new president has gone forward without the voices of several underrepresented groups fighting to be heard on campus.

Your morning coffee runs could be exposing you to COVID-19

Starbucks is a beloved study spot for IU students. With delicious coffee and a typically tame atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to disappear into a final review guide. Even though there are new COVID-19 guidelines, they might not be genuinely keeping their customers and employees safe. Starbucks receives dozens of orders a minute from the drive-thru, walk-ins and now GrubHub orders. The workers are constantly moving from order to order without much downtime. “We are so busy and understaffed,”

Quarantined Greek Student: The University Hasn't Kept Its Promise To Keep Us Safe

This story is part of our City Limits: Coronavirus series. We're answering your questions about the effect the coronavirus pandemic is having on your life, your family and our community. An increase in positive tests in Monroe County has paralleled the return of Indiana University students to Bloomington. IU Health Dr. Tom Hrisomalos is a specialist in infectious diseases and he sees it in the data. “Certainly we’ve seen an increase in cases,” he said. “It seems to correlate with some of the s

You are not alone

When I looked through my announcements on Canvas, I noticed a new pattern. My professors are sending out mental health resources daily and asking their students to seek help. My heart slowly breaks as I realize my classmates — the classmates I cannot see in person and only have access to virtually — are hurting. They are hurting so terribly it is preventing them from performing well academically or having any sense of normalcy in their lives. Since 1975, September has been Suicide Prevention Mo

Chadwick Boseman’s death and why his beliefs must live on

The death of Chadwick Boseman happened so unexpectedly that it felt like a rug was being pulled out from under all of us, only this rug is loaded with intense historical significance. Although sudden to us, Boseman had been fighting colon cancer for several years, while starring in hit film after hit film including "Marshall," "Da 5 Bloods," and "Black Panther," between rounds of chemotherapy and several surgeries. Being such a significant figure while he was alive, it feels like a cruel twist

Sexual assaults have been normalized on IU's campus

On Tuesday morning, as I was getting ready to hop onto my first Zoom call of the day, I received an IU Bloomington Crime Notice. The notice reported another rape, one of several reported over the last month on IU’s campus. In my head, I couldn’t help thinking of all the ones that aren’t reported in an email. It said the two individuals involved met through a dating app, Grindr. IU has been so busy implementing new restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic it has forgotten about old ones that sh

What you need to remember next time you talk to a Trump supporter

Imagine you're sitting with friends on a relaxing weekend night, after a long week of studying, and everything is going well until someone makes a slight side comment about the upcoming election. The conversation stops as the room realizes it's divided, and a massive argument breaks out. Many students who heavily disagree with everything President Donald Trump stands for find themselves in this situation. Someone they are close to suddenly has a new light shone on them when they reveal who they

I live in a greek house. IU failed its students by bringing us back to campus

As the list of greek houses quarantined grows, the blame for IU’s COVID-19 caseload gets placed on the greek life community. It is a conclusion rather easy to jump to, seeing as greek life has a population of more than 2,600 people and is notorious for being a social institution. Many greek life members have found themselves in the impossible situation of not knowing where to live, not knowing what to do and feeling as though the university has turned its back on them. Here’s the fact of the ma

IU put me and my classmates in danger. Why weren't we warned about Murray McGibbon?

I found it strange I hadn’t heard from my Directing I professor in nearly four days. Typically, he sent messages daily, reminding us what we needed to read or assignments that were due. On Monday, a classmate sent me and others an Indiana Daily Student investigation that said IU determined last year our professor sexually harassed a student in 2018. I immediately felt sick to my stomach. I froze. I replayed every interaction I had with Murray McGibbon. Every overly detailed compliment he had gi

Even our planet is smiling about our new president-elect

As we know by now, the soon-to-be ex-president does not believe in science, and especially not climate change. During the majority of his presidency, I questioned if President Donald Trump even knew what planet he was living on. Whether he knows it or not, it's a planet experiencing a major climate crisis. Other countries have started taking initiative while we fall behind. Trump decided to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, a worldwide effort to battle global warming. On top of this,